Oppian Nevilendor


Born in Kantaria and raised on the legends of Iomedae, Oppian Nevilindor knew in his heart that one day he would lead the town’s Iomedaean faithful. This belief was born not out of hubris, but from duty to his goddess and a drive to oppose the malevolence festering in Cheliax. Oppian left Kantaria to hone his combat skills in service to Iomedae, but returned to his hometown 10 years ago. Under House Thrune’s oppressive rule, Oppian ascended to the rank of Fourth Sword Knight and oversaw a flourishing of Iomedae’s church in Kantaria, repairing and rebuilding much of the fortress temple of Valor’s Fastness. His efforts were rewarded as Kantaria’s populace increasingly turned to the church of Iomedae for fellowship and guidance.

During this time, Oppian befriended a newcomer from the city of Westcrown—the town’s blacksmith, Tychus Groat, whose skills proved invaluable during the reconstruction of Valor’s Fastness. The cleric also developed a growing attraction to Loredana Viorica, the Nidalese proprietor of the Little Uskwood inn. Oppian made several overtures to the innkeeper, but while gentle in her rebukes, Loredana never accepted his advances.

The Glorious Reclamation’s arrival in Kantaria changed everything for Oppian. Approached in secret by the Iomedaean knights, Oppian agreed to assist their efforts. He was instrumental in developing the strategy for the conquest of Kantaria, designed with the express purpose of minimizing civilian casualties. When the time came to liberate the town, Oppian led the offensive. Unfortunately, Tychus Groat was a staunch Thrune loyalist. The two eventually came to blows, and Oppian was forced to kill his friend, an act that haunted him and filled his otherwise successful tenure as governor of Kantaria with doubt and self-loathing.

Oppian met his end atop the open air rotunda of Valor’s Fastness, the seat of his power as governor. Despite the aid of three archons on his side, the Sword Knight’s blade shattered against his enemies on it’s first blow, crippling his belief in winning the battle. Although he fought valiantly to the end, the newly inducted Hellknight, Shoji Endo, dealt the killing blow, ending Oppian’s life, and returning Kantaria to the rule of House Thrune.

Oppian Nevilendor

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