Finnegan Fuilclaiomh



A young halfling who managed to buy himself out of slavery, he was struggling to find work when he met four people who changed his life, the first a women by the name of Cimri Staelish who offered him a job interview. On that job interview he met the other three. A brave knight, a wise priest, and a fearsome warrior. Together they reclaimed taxes for House Thrune, met a scary skull monster, and quelled riots. Finnegan was seen speaking in favor of slavery. In his words it is a system that works, and all slips should be proud of who they are.

During this time he took a side job as a valet for the brave knight, who unfortunately let him go when they were offered the jobs of law enforcement. It was there, in an evidence that he found it. A bill of sale for himself, a reminder that he was nothing more then a slip in the shadows of heroes. So he ran off in the middle of the night, vowing to one day return to those he looked up to so much.

Only house Thrune knows of his whereabouts now, but wherever he goes he tries to warn the citizens of a masked man prowling the streets, who takes down those who would oppose house Thrune. A man only known as… The Slip.

Finnegan Fuilclaiomh

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